Let a “professional seller” with over 35 years of experience help you get top dollar for your home.

Selling a home today for top dollar isn’t an easy task. There is no magic formula here. Each home is unique. As an experienced home builder, Allan Waschak can help you accentuate the best features in your present home and bring it to market to get the best possible price. Maybe your home is located in a great neighborhood in one of the best school districts. You’re in a hot location, sought after by today’s buyers. There’s just one problem. Your home is old, and needs a lot of work to get it ready to sell.

With over 35 years as a Professional Seller, Allan Waschak knows how to turn your home into the best house on the block. Start with a visit to our “Design Center.” Discover why customers call Allan the Real Estate “Trifecta”, a unique combination of real estate agent, home builder and remodeler. Call today to start protecting your largest asset – your home. Fill out the form to make an appointment with Allan for a free, no obligation evaluation of your home and how to get it ready for sale.